[Conference] ICA 2016

This June, I will be at ICA 2016, Fukuoka, Japan; I expect that I will be running into many familiar faces!

I will be presenting two pieces of work. First, I’ve organised a panel called The Quantified / Qualified Self; Alison Hearn, Lee Humphreys, Jessa Lingel and I will be talking about the various ways in which new media’s quantification of the human also entails qualitative shifts in our narratives, habits, perceptions of the ‘self’.

I will also be at the preconference ‘Algorithms, Automation and Politics’, organised by the folks at Political Bots. While political communication and IR scholars are not my usual interlocutors, that’s exactly why this should be interesting (and, in fact, I have no idea what the disciplinary demographic will be like). I’ve put up a version of my abstract over at untimely.co., titled The Metapolitics of Algorithmic Politics.


When politics and the Internet used to be simpler… (you can still check it out at dolekemp96.org)